Tuesday, July 5, 2016

More Photos of Ferndale

I know I probably wore out my welcome with all the photos of the previous post, but I just have to post the great photos of flowers that Joanne took.

And here is the ice cream bear.

As can be seen by the weather, these photos were not taken last weekend.
They were actually taken 7 years ago when we spent some time up there in December.

Ferndale is full of such beautiful houses!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Redwoods Trip 2016

We spent the last two days with Peter & Leigh-Ann in the redwoods, Ferndale, and the environs. I have too many photos to put them all on Instagram, and some of them require blowing up to appreciate all that is in them, so I am posting them here. We sure had a lot of fun. One day we  Hope you enjoy them!

 Starting out with the cutie. Those are BIG trees!
 That's not us going through the tree, but we were just there a moment ago.
Trust me, it was a lot of fun!
 The requisite photo with the guy with the big feet.
 Same guy different Sasquatch.
This one is 8 years old and proof that there is more than just one Bigfoot.
This really is the best of the gift shops - a really fun place.
And here's the one that started them all . . . Saramarie holding hands with her Easter buddy (note the Easter basket in his left hand) in 1990.
 Back to the drive through tree. There are two we found out. This is the south one.
As you drive in you pass these sculptures of animals made from the stumps of redwood trees.

 Salmon coming right out of the shadows.
 I love all the ferns just as much as the trees.
 Grandfather Tree - another must stop and see. 
The Founders Tree, reaching up further than you can see.
And here's another one from 26 years ago: Saramarie with her friend the banana slug.
Andrea looks happy though.
 The Shaw House. Yep the tub is right there at the foot of the bed.
This was a beautiful room and very comfortable. We loved it!
 This bed is original with the house, which was built in 1854.
The bed was built in this room. It is still there because it is too big to get out.

 All the modern conveniences, including a skylight so you don't bump your head standing up.
 A nice creek out back.
 Lots of pretty flowers surround the house, like these lilacs.
 And these giant hydrangeas.
The view from the front walk.
 Access to the balcony from the room next door.
 The view from the balcony, where Peter & I spent Saturday morning just relaxing.
 Lots of trees out front. A park-like front yard similar to the ones on Second St. where I grew up.
 A good view of the front, with the balcony on the right.
Before moving inside, let me give a bit of background.
This house was built in 1854 by one of the original settlers of the area, Seth Shaw.
Although now it is known as the Shaw House, he named it Fern Dale.
When the first settlers arrived here there were massive ferns everywhere.
In 1860 this house served for a time as the post office, leading to the town being named:
 The Dining Room where we had a delightful breakfast.
 The front parlor and library. A very comfortable place.
 The other parlor, this one with sofas.
 From the other side of the same room.
 The marble fireplace in the second parlor. I want one of these!
Notice the ceiling. All of the ceilings were beautifully carved wood.
 The Church of the Assumption. Very beautiful.
 They must clean the firehouse every Saturday morning because they had
every piece of equipment in the place out on the street.
This is one cool looking fire engine.
 The view from the cemetery. And this is not your low class pirate cemetery either.
This is one stylin' cemetery. It started at the bottom of the hill
and has gradually grown all the way to the top.
 Of course we went to Loleta and got some of the best cheese on earth.
 There is a garden associated with the cheese factory
(which they are expanding to allow better view of making the cheese).
This is one of the blossoms - all was beautiful there.
 Beauty & the Beast.

 Our last stop was the ocean.
Next time we'll have to plan better.
Including boogie boards, wet suits, and more time.
But all in all, those were two great days.
Thanks Peter & Leigh-Ann for the fun time!