Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just 9 months later!

Guess what? I found my original gmail id and password, and so became able once again to work on our blog! I figure that I'll just throw it out there now, even though it is not completed yet, and work on it over the next while. Please give me your feedback to help me improve it.

As you can see, the last post was in January when we were visiting Brooke & her folks (I just had to say that). So I have thought of a lot of things to post here in the interim, but most of them I have just emailed to you. But now that I have this here I need to throw up some of the videos I have been saving for this occasion, and maybe some photos too.
For now, because I am really not ready to "go live" with this, but didn't want to exclude my favoritest people, I am limiting access to invitees only. I know that won't make some of you happy, but I guess you can take it out of my hide next time you see me (if you can catch me).

Just a brief note on what we have been up to lately, tonight we watched a bit of The Wizard of Oz. I got this incredibly great DVD for father's day from Becca, Saramarie, and Emily - that includes about 4 DVDs of features, including 3 or 4 other versions of the movie. Great stuff. Last Tuesday we went to the temple for a sealing session and stayed for about 2.5 hours doing sealings. A long and joyful night. We got to work with Pres. Greer, the first president of the Fair Oaks Stake and a great man. Last Sunday we gave a youth fireside at Bp. Grimes' place. Your mother did wonderfully & I batted clean up. Today it cooled way down and tomorrow & Saturday it is supposed to rain. Here comes Fall, and we are ecstatic.

Okay, 'nuff talk. Here's the good stuff. We start off with my whipping the audience into a frenzy some time last Summer:

And here we are in Redding a couple of weeks ago at the Sundial Bridge:

Here's happy Tyler on his visit to Grandpa II (& Grandma too):

And here's the fallout from Swiss Days in Midway:

Well, that's going to have to do it for now. Although we're working backwards, we'll have to add more later, including that great trip to Boise & Jerome! Stay tuned.

G'bye folks!

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you have a blog now! It looks great.