Sunday, December 28, 2008


Christmas Eve we started off with a special turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Including Italian Sodas and Berrie pie. Then we had a special Family Home Evening where we all shared scriptures of Christ that we feel particularly fond of, whether they were prophecies, or the fulfillment of prophecies. After this time of sharing we reviewed again the story in Luke of the Savior's birth and it came alive with special meaning.

Christmas Day we started a lot earlier than I remember starting in the past - but it was a good thing as we had another special meal, complete with freshly squeezed OJ, hot cocoa, cinnamon rolls, and omelets. Then came the line-up and the main event. There were special gifts from Peter, just returned from Switzerland, as well as books and more techno-gifts.

Ty with techno gift:Both Christmas Day and the day after were excellent, weather wise, and we had lots of outdoor fun at the park, and playing horseshoes and basketball. On the 26th we had the kite experience that is the subject of a previous post.

Then on Saturday we all went to the temple, a perfect way to round out the week.

Finally, today Peter reported his mission to the high council at 7:30 a.m., then spoke in Sacrament Meeting at 9:00 a.m. Both were superb. In the earlier meeting he told of some previously undisclosed incidents in Bern in which he learned that persecution is still alive for missionaries, as well as talking about some choice learning experiences while serving in 4 countries at once (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, & Lichtenstein). In the latter meeting he did a masterful job of preaching on the change that comes as we come unto Christ, using the change experienced by Alma the Younger as an outline, and experiences from his mission to illustrate. His consistent message on both meetings was that the work is going forward in Switzerland, and in all of Europe, and that he had a successful mission, replete with teaching experience, watching individuals change as they come unto Christ. Peter does great in the preaching department.

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