Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mrs. Claus rides again

Back by popular acclaim the world over, Mrs. Claus once again appeared at the Hillcrest Ward Christmas dinner last Friday. Here are some pictures of the Claus the children are drawn to.
No tears when Mrs. Claus has children on her lap. She loves them and they love her.
This little guy was barely a week old when this picture was taken. He was quite the little surprise when he showed up, as his folks had been told he was a little girl.
Later that evening, after dinner, we all enjoyed the retelling of the story of the first Christmas. Here is a portrayal of Joseph & Mary, with the newborn King.
And no telling of that story would be complete without the appearance of the wise men. Can you guess who they are? Or at least which family they come from?


  1. Mom, you are so beautiful! I don't recognize anyone in these pictures except mom. Who are all these kids?