Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Word About The New Name

Well, here it is February 1st and 2009 is roughly 1/12 over - and I do mean roughly. I suppose we can expect a rough year ahead of us on many fronts, but are seeking to follow the prophet and find joy in the journey - now. We cannot pick and choose which of his words we want to follow.

So many of you may be wondering what is with the new name. Here's the story - basically I thought we'd move on from the private joke that the original name was, since mostly it meant nothing to anyone but us. So I found a new name in the title of a BYU Devotional address given by Elder Neil L. Anderson on May 16, 2006. Seeing it is the most impressive as he has a number of neat visuals, but listening to it is still great. It is basically about changing our perspective so that we see our own lives through the generations that lead up to us, and the generations that follow. Thus he uses the word "seeing" both as a reference to "looking at" or "examining" and as a reference to "getting it" or "understanding". Great talk. One of my favorite parts:
"I have heard President Gordon B. Hinckley say on more than one occasion, “I have been thinking a lot about my grandfather and grandmother. I have been thinking a lot about my father and my mother. I have been thinking just a little about myself and my dear wife. And I have been thinking a lot about my children, about my grandchildren, and about my great-grandchildren.” And then he has concluded with this phrase: “And I have been thinking a lot about this wonderful link that binds us all together” (President Hinckley speaking at Vernal, Utah, and Campinas, Brazil, temple dedications)."
After Elder Anderson's talk on faith in the last General Conference I went looking for other talks he has given and found some great treasures. This is just one. You may recall another he gave in General Conference in April 2005, Beware the Evil Behind the Smiling Eyes, and October 1999, Prophets & Spiritual Mole Crickets.

Anyway, I recognize that my vision [perspective] has been fashioned by generations of great people that preceded me, and that my vision of the future is made bright in the consideration of those that I can see forging into the future. We are not only Children of Abraham, a great blessing in and of itself, but we are the Children of Joseph, an additional great blessing. Thus our understanding of past events, as well as our bright hope for the future is all wrapped up in the vision of our generations.

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  1. Great post Dad, I like your new name. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.