Sunday, March 15, 2009

Things Springing Up All Over

Yesterday was a very productive day. We got a good jump on our garden, planting peas, lettuce, and spinach. But as you can see from the photos below, we already have flowers, etc. popping up, and before long will probably have lilacs blooming.
We also got the antenna up for the radio I purchased not long ago. This one came at no charge from my "elmer", Doug Reid. He keeps getting new ones and passed this one along to me as a starter. Unfortunately, the power supply that we thought would work would not (the radio will draw 15 amps and it maxed out at 5 for some reason), so I returned it and will continue looking. I will no doubt have an off-line conversation with our family's radio guru, Uncle Mike.
We finished off the day grilling hot dogs & turkey burgers on our little charcoal grill, but that didn't turn out quite as planned. But it was a fun, full, day.
This is a crocus, we think. Anyway, it is the first thing to flower in our new flower bed by the vegetable garden.
This is our little garden out front. Those purple flowers on the right have been doing well for weeks now, and everything is coming along.
These are our aloe vera plants that grow like weeds everywhere we plant them - and some places we don't. They are extremely beautiful when they bloom.

This is a shot of the antenna from the back yard making it look like it is coming out of the exhaust pipe.

And here is a good shot of it. It is on the peak of the house on the east side. Doug said it should work pretty well.


  1. I want to plant something here, but it still freezes every night. However, the bulbs are poking up and we should have some blooms soon.

  2. Those purpole folowers appear to be Petunias, but I don't often see them that color, so perhaps I am wrong. The first flower is most definitely a crocus.
    The antenna looks as though you have it positioned quite well, although I wonder what those power lines running along in front of your house will do to the radiation pattern heading south. Well, not much you can do about that. Hope the repeaters are not South of you, but I suspect they are out West in the Buttes.

  3. I've always liked your colorful gardens in the front of your house. Once again, it appears you are getting a great start on a beautiful summer!