Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Watery Hike

At long last I have had both the time and technical expertise to get this post published. And with any luck more will follow. On the morning of the Fourth of July, four of us went up the east side of Mt. Timpanogos to see what we could see. What we saw was water, water, and more water. Here are some of the many pictures I took:

Andy was gracious in driving us up Provo Canyon to the trailhead just past Aspen Grove on the Alpine Loop. My what a lot of changes have been made to the Provo Canyon road since we were at BYU (when dinosaurs roamed the earth) - there are even tunnels. I took this photo from the back seat through the windshield (o parabrisa).
It was a really nice day for a hike, so we were driving up the canyon with the windows down. So I took this picture of a waterfall in the canyon through the open car window.
The Happy Hikers.
The Choice - to go across the bridge, or ford the stream. We actually went up with the intent of hiking to Stewart Falls, but decided to take the other path when it looked like it would have more waterfalls, and be a bit less crowded.
As you can see here, we decided to take the stream crossing, and this is it. It really isn't as flimsy as it appears in the photo, but it was not exactly stable. But nobody fell in, or even slipped off the logs. Also, the stream wasn't exactly the raging torrent it appears to be here. It was running really fast, but was not deep at all.
Here's the first look at all the waterfalls from lower down the trail - there were a bunch!
Getting closer, and seeing more. Everything was green and lush, and it was a beautiful day for a hike.
The closer we got to one waterfall, the more we saw that there were actually many falls surrounding a major one.
This is my personal favorite. It really captures the effect of the day to me - water and more water - and lots of greenery. I have it as my desktop background.
This was just a pretty little fall off the side of the trail, but made a pleasant sound and cooled things down.
This is another little fall just on the side of the trail - I could just sit and watch these little ones for hours, they were so relaxing.

So just you don't think that all we saw was waterfalls, here is a picture of one of the thousands of this kind of flower that lined the trail. I am indebted to Emily for showing me how to take close-up pictures like this with my camera and keep them in focus. There is actually a little flower on one of the buttons of my camera, and when you push it, you can take close-up photos with no blurring.


  1. Amazing what we learn from our kids. So be honest Rich, do you like waterfalls?

  2. This is quite a bit what it looked like when I hiked up there last year about this time. Ir is a nice hike. You made the right choice going up to First Falls and beyond, rather than to Stewart Falls.

  3. So the picture under your desktop background is set as my desktop :). Glad I could help you on your journey to digital photographic expertise!