Sunday, March 28, 2010

Projects Completed

We have so much fun around our house. We have a bottomless list of projects and have a lot of fun working on them together. Here are some photos of a couple that we actually completed.

Winter was not kind to our grape arbor. The lattice work we had up was too much and too flimsy to handle the winds. So here is my remedy. I just got some 1"x3"x8' inexpensive wood and ripped it and cut it to the proper dimensions and screwed them together and then to the frame of the arbor. Aside from the time it took to stain them the same color as the arbor, it was actually easier than my first attempt. Looks nicer too. Now we hope the grapes live long and prosper.

A shot of both the arbor and the other project - the pit! Yes, it is done. Finally. We now don't have to pitch and walk and walk and pitch. We can just pitch, walk, pitch walk, etc. Come on by and we'll play a game.
Although you can't see it in this photo, there are a couple of projects still uncompleted - the fence that needs replacing and the sprinkler system that we are in the middle of fixing - but ran out of sunshine yesterday.
Another, closer, shot of the pit. I also got some real plywood and stained it to be water resistent so that we have some long term cat protection.

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