Friday, October 22, 2010

Old Tucson Stagecoach

Okay, we really have been remiss in posting about all of our travels over the past couple of months, but we have an excuse . . . . our ISP is acting up, making it difficult to download pictures and especially videos, which we try to make because we have so many pictures. Anyway, here are some pictures of our recent trip to Arizona. the last day we were there we all loaded up and went to the Old Tucson Studios. What a great adventure! TVH was in his element, loving pretty much everything about the place - particularly the trains. I have broken up the day into smaller blogs in an attempt to bribe myself to get it done by breaking it up into smaller pieces.

Obviously the greatest thing for the MT grandparents & us was to see the delight in our grandson's face as we did various things. He loved everything, but really got excited when we went on the stagecoach ride: "bumpy bumpy bumpy". Here's the evidence of our joy.
Petting the horses.
Pre-boarding photo op.
All aboard!
The gang's all here.
Another stagecoach, not attached to horses. Who is that man in the straw hat?
Inside. Don't be fooled by those padded seats, it wasn't all that comfortable. But surely better than buckboards, as you can see by the smiles on the passenger's faces.
Here is a video of TVH on the stagecoach ride. I don't think it downloaded correctly, so I may have to redo it later. But better to have 1/2 a blog than nothing . . . since I have been working on this for days already.

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