Sunday, May 11, 2014

Now you see it - now you don't

We were promised this last week that we would have plans in our hands to take to the building department and to a contractor, so that we could get going on the primay pieces of our remodel.  Didn't happen.  But in order to be prepared, we emptied the potentially affected areas of furniture.  Here are some photos.
 Soon the exposed beams and woodwork (the underside of the roof) will be insulated and covered with sheetrock.  The idea is to make this room actually liveable in the Winter and Summer.
 Also, the sunken living room will be raised to level with the rest of the house.
And that area on the right of this photo, separating the entry hall from the living room will magically vanish.
 It only took us 23 years to rid the place of all the wrought iron.
But it is all gone now!
 Peter's suggestion was to forget about raising the floor and insulating the ceiling.
Just put in some birdseye maple on the floor and a hoop on the wall 
and have a small 1/2 court for shooting hoops.
What do you think?
 We got a good deal on a 10x10 storage unit and that's where most of the furniture went.
But we didn't want to move the TV or the dining room table, so they came for a visit in my office.
And as a dry run on installing shelving in our bedroom closet, I extracted the old computer hutch and now have a built-in desk where I can have the scanner right next to me.
The two shelves just above the desk are temporary until I figure out what kind of shelves I want there.
This is a great work area, I love it!  Can't wait to get my hardwood floor so I can wheel around my office.


  1. It looks amazing and like you have been super busy! I am positive it will look great when done...but I might be leaning with indoor basketball court would be pretty hard to beat!

  2. Awesome! I like your closet desk. But now that the railing is gone, what am I supposed to jump over?