Monday, July 21, 2014

Laney Reunion In Black Canyon, ID

Yesterday my mom and I attended a reunion of the Clifton Isaac Laney clan, held just outside of Emmett, ID.  The location was a nice little park right by the Black Canyon Dam.  The weather was nice and the company even better.  It was a lot of fun to get to know folks that are related to us all, coming from my grandmother's oldest brother.  I had a good long talk with a 94 year-old man who married into the family (husband to Ella, one of Clifton's daughters, she is 93 now, and was born and raised in Kamas).  His name is Vearl Rich, a descendant of Charles C. Rich, and served a mission in California in the 1940's.  His first area was Chico, so we had a good talk about what had changed and what had not in the intervening years.  Also had a good chat with his grandson, Spencer, who will be sending me some photos from that side of the family.  He is apparently studying archealogy, and spent a summer in Gridley about 10 years ago.  I got pretty excited about the prospect of getting some of our extended family together for a reunion at some point.  Here are some photos.

There was a eagle in this nest making all kinds of racket when we go there, but after awhile either left or settled down in the nest.

A panoramic view of the dam and the river.  A nice cool breeze came off the river the entire time we were there.
One of the nice parts of the entertainment was a cousin who plays the bagpipes very well.

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