Monday, February 16, 2015

Saturday in Sabino Canyon

We had a great little hike last Saturday up Sabino Canyon, just NE of Tucson.  We went up a very nice paved road to a little place where we could rest by the water and then hiked out using a trail through the desert.  It was about 4 miles altogether and only Ani had to be carried.  It was cool enough all day, making it pretty crowded, but a fun time all around.  Here is what it looked like to us:
 Getting started at the canyon's mouth.
 Grandma in her hiking shoes next to her friend, Mr. Saguaro.
 Our delightful hosts for the hike.
Both TV & ME were the best of hikers, toughing it out the whole way.
Jeff took the 3 kiddies over the creek, jumping rocks as they went.
 The beautiful desert.
 I love the Saguaro forests here.
 More desert and clouds.
 More Saguaro forests.
 The pretty side of the desert.
 I thought this was pretty, with the Saguaro silhouetted against the rising sun.
 The water in the creek was very very clear.
 More desert scenery.
 The Hippo Rock.
Deer tracks.  When we went off onto the trails they mostly seemed dry washes.
This is Sunday.  It rained while we were attending Church
and this is what it looked like pretty much all day.

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