Friday, May 20, 2016

Washington Visit

 Pineapple Shades
 Beautiful Flowers were everywhere
 Cousins are the best
 Baby Yoga
 Holding the pose
 Snoqualmie Falls
 At the top of the Falls
 Uncles are also the best
 Fun for the whole family
 At the bottom of the Falls
 Grandma Time with the newborn
 Fun curls on a fun girl
 Sisters reading together
 Cousins and sticks - what more could one want?
 A happy family indeed!
 She loves flowers
 A pretty start to the day.
 Another happy family
 Sisters AND cousins . . . this is getting better and better.
 The Grandpa shot.
 More cuties.
 With the grandparents.
 The men. (can you tell grandma was there?)
 Good looking guys
 Another Grandma shot - 3 generations
 2 grandmas at once!
 Some people suck their thumb, some think the toes taste better.
A very happy baby.

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