Thursday, November 6, 2008

54 x 54

Today was Peter's birthday - and he turned 21. I remember my 21st birthday, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Elder Poole & the elders of Ala 2 gave me a party. It was fun, and just a couple of weeks before I left to come home. Well, this year was a milestone for me as along with a host of others I came into this world 54 years ago in '54. This year was pretty special as we had a visit from James & Sabrina, who brought us both birthday presents from Disneyland, where they visited recently I got the cool t-shirt shown below, and mom got a really nice pumpkin.
I also got a new set of scriptures. The last set I got didn't wear very well, and got to be pretty worn-looking pretty fast. I really like the compact size of the last two sets I have had, but the print is getting pretty small, so I have gone to the next size up.

Of course the best thing I got for my birthday was to hear from each of my children.

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