Monday, November 10, 2008

The Redwoods

This past weekend we went to Eureka which gave us the opportunity to visit the Redwoods again. I don't think we have been back together since we first visited there 32 years ago. Here are some photos from our trip. The whole experience of walking around the Founders Grove was incredible. We were pretty much the only one's there, it being a very rainy day (it only let up while we were here in the Founders Grove). It was so peaceful and quiet, with that great clean, earthy smell of the forest. This first photo is of a place that was particularly peaceful.

This is a photo of the Founders Tree, looking up from the base. Those first branches you see way up there are about 200 feet up.

Oh, yes, it also stopped raining while we visited the Drive Through Tree. Here is our little Toyota coming through. We also got a video of it, but I'll wait to put it on if there is enough interest.

And here I am with my new best friend, Mr. Sasquatch. Notice that I have my hat on here - it didn't stop raining when we stopped at this place, a gift store right on 101 with lots of wooden carvings.

And here's the better looking of the two of us with Mr. S.

Back at Founders Grove - here is an interesting sign. I guess this is where they put all the plants that act out, hoping they will shape up and fly right (so to speak).
This is the light house at Trinidad Point. It was pretty neat, but owing to all of the moisture in the air, we couldn't see much.

Here is a short video clip of some kayakers out in the surf by the big rocks - can you see them? i like it because you can hear the crashing of the breakers. There's not much that can put me to sleep faster than the roar of the beach. So soothing.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! That looks like a lot of fun. Jeff's never seen the redwoods - maybe we can make a trip in December. And I love your ocean video.