Sunday, November 23, 2008

My 25 Words

Today in Priesthood Meeting we discussed President Monson's address in General Conference last October, including the story of Jay Hess. Brother Hess was shot down over North Vietnam in the 1960's during the conflict in Vietnam. After over two years in captivity he was allowed to write home, but he was limited to just 25 words or less. Since hearing of this story last October, I have reflected many times what 25 words I would leave to my posterity. My initial thoughts are:

"Follow the Prophets. Come unto Christ. Sing the hymns. Study the scriptures. Love your family. Attend the temple often. Seek light. Receive revelation. Be grateful."

It may require a bit of refining, but there you have it. Nobody who has spent much time with me would be surprised at the first three, they are the key. What a gift it is to live in a time when we have the word of God through His authorized servants. Basically, they tell us to do all of the other things in my list, and many more that cannot be included in such a short list. Every month we can receive the most important education we can receive from the best periodical published - The Ensign. This includes the two bonus issues in May & November. These are high on my list of things I feel thankful for.

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