Friday, November 28, 2008

Tree's Up

It's the day after Thanksgiving and we have our tree up. At least the one we got from Grandma Ottley. We don't have any room in the house, so we put it up out on the patio. What do you think?
Here it is again after dark, but with a flash - still not too impressive.
Here's that night view without the flash. Pretty cool, huh? We like it. We are well on our way to being into Christmas. In order to get the tree out, of course we had to clean out the garage, so we got that added benefit.

And one of the great things is that although it's outside, we can see it through the dining room window. What a great sight. It kind of makes it almost worth it for it to get dark so early.

So are you wondering how I got these cool shots? I am pretty surprised myself, because I didn't get out my tripod to take them. So here is one of the more "artistic" shots:

Pretty cool, huh?

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