Saturday, December 6, 2008

Creeping up on Christmas

This past week went by at warp speed, and we are scrambling to make ready for the 18th et. seq. We seem to be slowly getting all things in readiness, with Joanne leading the way. Last night we did manage to get a tree from Raley's. This is the "live tree" made famous in Rebecca's blog (if you haven't been there and seen the video of Tyler interacting with their tree, you really need to go). The "synthetic tree" was the subject of a prior post and, as noted, is relegated to peeking at us through the dining room window as we scurry around inside decorating, etc.
Here is a picture of the tree waiting around in the back yard for me to take the time to get it ready for "planting" in the house. The long wait was occasioned by the need for me to mow the lawns (although it has been very foggy all week, the grass hasn't be cut for many weeks and it finally today dried out just enough to cut). And I also spent some time at the hardware store laying in stores of the tools and materials necessary to install the new vanity in the master bath. It will look great when I get it all done.
In this picture you can see the other tree in the background. Amazingly, both trees were in the back yard almost all day and there were no signs of fighting or other misbehavior on the part of either tree. They got along just fine.
And here is the tree in its place of prominence in our living room. We'll put up more photos after we get it decorated - shouldn't take more than a couple of days.

Oh yes, we are taking time for the important things - last evening we got an attachment for our Kitchenaid that allows us to grate chocolate that can then be used in the baking of . . . toffee! Yummmmm! I came right home and did 5 bags of it - enough for 10 plates. That way there may actually be some left when everyone comes later this month. ;)

Finally, the word for the week is "penultimate". If you think you know the meaning of this word, and its application to our family, leave a comment to that effect and we'll announce the winners in a future post.


  1. I'm glad that your trees got along together. I bet they miss each other's company now that one is in the house. Do you think Grandma's tree feels a little bad at being left out in the cold just because it's a fake tree? Fake trees have feelings too you know.

    I believe the meaning of 'penultimate' is 'next to last'. We will be receiving Pete's penultimate no-news email tomorrow? This week is penultimate before Peter's arrival? If I'm a winner, do I get a prize? The penultimate batch of toffee perhaps??

  2. Perhaps we are the pun-ultimate pun-making family in the world?

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous tree!!!! I'm so excited to see it in person! And I can't wait to have toffee! Did you know that your toffee recipe has become a Hogge favorite? Unfortunately, mine doesn't turn out nearly as good as yours so they really don't even understand how good it actually can be.

    And I'm not even going to try to beat the other two penultimate definitions.