Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Dog Park Eagle Project

Here's another way I've been spending my time these days. One of my Priests is finishing up his Eagle requirements, meaning his Eagle Project. He is a great young man who came up with this project on his own, and has done a tremendous amount of work to pull it off. It is, in my opinion, a true and worthy example of an Eagle Project. He contacted the local non-profit that operates a dog park in Yuba City and suggested some improvements to their site, leased from Caltrans. The project is to install two dog wash decks, one for the small dog area and one in the large dog area, and to install seven permanent benches. A small group of us did some prep work a couple of Saturdays ago, then last Saturday was the main work day. I did not do an exact count, but estimate at least a dozen people out there for four hours. The prospective Eagle did just what he was supposed to do, lead the workers. He did marvelously as can be seen in these first two photos where he was dealing with problems and making decisions.
Actually, in this one he was congratulating the workers on a job well done. Look kinda like a chain gang don't they?
These two workers pitched right in as soon as they showed up and got the one deck completed.
This was my contribution to the cause. Having watched, and helped, Brother Thompson, the on-site expert, mostly put in the other deck, I used the youth-power available to put in the other deck. Here we (they) are clearing the ground in preparation for laying the cement foundation stones and the supporting cross timbers. My crew consisted of three Young Women, three Young Men, and a couple of youth advisors.
This is Uncle Peter's contribution - a really nice generator to operate the power tools we used to cut the decking and screw them to the cross pieces. Note the pizza boxes on the 1/2 completed deck. The non-profit was nice enough to feed us.
Another shot of the deck, close to completed.
A bunch of the youth taking a well-deserved break with pizza.
Greg, Amy, Paige, Deborah, John, & Brigham.

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