Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cabinets and countertop are in

Here is the beginning of the new look.  We still need to hook up the plumbing, the reduced sized mirrors, modify the lighting, paint, and install the rest of the fixtures around the bathroom. But it is beginning to come together.  The realization is hitting us hard that remodeling involves far more than one sees looking at it in the future.  It takes longer, costs more, and involves more complexity than we considered going into it.  Of course if we stayed home more . . . . . naaaaaaah.  We still need to keep our priorities straight.  I must say, however, that we are very pleased with the outcome so far.  The colors are coming out well - something that we were very concerned about - and the better use of the space for storage is wonderful!  We have decided to go with brushed nickel finish for all of the fixtures and are very pleased with that decision.  Having looked again at these photos I notice that the lighting is not good and distorts the true colors.  Oh well, you should get the idea and we'll work on better photos in the next update.

By the way, yesterday we also put in our potatoes and onions and last night it rained.  The rain is forcast to continue through the weekend.  So the fasting of all the Saints last Sunday was efficacious, and we are grateful to the Fount of all of our blessings.

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