Monday, February 3, 2014

Lois Charlotte Ottley Flegal

A week ago last Saturday we attended the funeral of Aunt Lois.  She was 96 years old and had lived a full and faithful life.  She would always tell me that she wanted to live to be 100 because she was having so much fun with her family.  She missed her sweetheart so much but just loved being with her family.  It has brought back some great memories as I have thought back on time spent with Aunt Lois.  Many of the speakers at the funeral mentioned that that each of the grandchildren thought they were the favorite one and it was no different for me.  I always remember the warm hug and welcome.  I think she was the only one that still called me Joannie and I didn't mind.  It was a sweet term of love to me.  When  I talked to my cousin Anadel she told me that Aunt Lois always called her Annie.  We went to Aunt Lois and Uncle Dave's often in our growing up years.  We never left without having some kind of treat, usually ice cream or some of her bottled fruit.
She was the last one of Frederic Joseph and Lydia Ethel Ottley's children to pass on.  At the funeral I saw so many of my cousins that I hadn't seen in so long.  It was a time of great rejoicing as we gathered together as a great family.  Here in the picture from left to right:  Lorraine, Elden, Della, Fern, Florence, Lois, Pyrcle, Raymond.  My Dad and Aunt Lois were the youngest in the family.  Dad was three years younger than Aunt Lois and used to say he never knew there was chicken in chicken noodle soup until he was a grown man. And that he and Aunt Lois would get in trouble for laughing at the table.

These are a couple of my favorite pictures.  My Mom and Dad with Aunt Lois and Uncle Dave.  They loved to do things together.  My Dad used to go and pick up all of my aunts and uncles in his van and take them when ever there was a family event, wedding, reunion, or just getting together.
Then as our family grew up, Aunt Lois was there to welcome our new additions.  When we would visit, she would ask about every one of our kids: "how are they doing, what are they doing, tell them that I love them".
  Always welcome, and always something good to share.
We stopped and visited before we left for El Salvador.  I found out at the funeral that every letter I sent to her she would share with the family.
When we got back, Aunt Lois was in the care center after falling, so we had a great visit there.  I thought there was no way she  would worry about giving us something good to eat, but she found a way.  People had brought her treats and she shared with us.
Left to right:  Lois, Della, Raymond, Elden, Pyrcle, (center, sitting) Florence, Fern and Lorraine.  Truly we are blessed because of our family who has gone on before us and have held fast to their testimony and love of the gospel.  They have been an example of love and sharing all they had and have worn out their lives in service to others.  Though these wonderful people have gone forward to their heavenly home, we still feel their love, support and caring concern of us.  

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