Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bikin' around the Buttes

We have been training for this for a while and the day finally came.  My other Saturday duties required that I be home by 9 am so we started early and only did the short route. But it was beautiful!  We took our own snacks and water, stopped a few times and didn't go so fast we couldn't do anything else the rest of the day. It took us maybe a little over an hour and a half to go the 16-17 miles out Pass Road, down West Butte and then back on South Butte.  We just had a delightful time.  Here are a few photos.
First stop - John C. Fremont marker.

Next stop - the top of the hill, with South Butte in the background.

And there she goes, leaving me to eat her dust.

Our final stop was here beside the Sutter Bypass.  What a beautiful day.

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