Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Who's Up In the Night?

That would be me.  Monday night I joined all the others who stayed up to watch the lunar show.  I thought it was pretty impressive, although much of it was obscured at our location by high clouds.  I went down to Uncle Peter's to watch the show with him and we watched together until the moon was totally obscured, then he went to bed and I went home.  I tried to photograph the whole thing, but did not do a very good job of it due to my inexperience with my camera and the basic limitations of the same.  But I did get some photos which I will share with you.  It was pretty cool to watch the full moon disappear little by little, and then turn a deep red after it was totally obscured.  We watched through binoculars and could see quite well.  I thought I had some good photos as well because they looked good on the camera right after taking them.  But alas, all was darkness when I looked at them later.

 While the moon was totally eclipsed clouds came and went, but I could see quite well most of the time through my binoculars, but the photos did not turn out.  Just after the moon began to appear once again some serious clouds moved in and obscured the return show.

 As you can see below, the clouds were still pretty thick by the time the eclipse had fully passed.
I did get plenty of "spooky moon" shots like the one below though.
 And then the moon came out and I got some good shots of the full, clear moon.
Then I turned the camera on the back yard and got some pretty awsome shots.
The following were all taken between about 3:00 am and 3:30 am with the only light coming from the moon.
 Above you can see the snowball bush in full bloom, our peas, onions, and potatoes getting big, and our happy little cilantro plant.  Oh yes, and my latest attempt at composting - the plastic container under the snowball bush.  So far so good.

 If you look at the house behing the snowball bush it appears to be orange.
That is because it is not being lit by the moon, but by a street light on Celestial Way.

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