Friday, November 28, 2014

Our Thanksgiving Day

Well, this has been a good day all the way around for us.  We began the day by sleeping in.  That's always a great start.  We got up and exercised and began getting ready for guests.  We were delighted to have 3 of my 7 siblings with us, along with my mom and our two sons and their families as guests today. As can be seen in the photos below, we had plenty of good food and good company, and were blessed to talk to many of our posterity on the phone and other wonders of technology to share the day with them.  Among the other activities of the day we availed ourselves of the opportunity for reflection upon our blessings.  Right at the top of the list are our "roots" and our "branches".  What a great heritage we enjoy, and what a bright future we see in our posterity.  Naturally, also at the top of the list is the light of truth that we receive from living prophets, as well as those who have left us the word of God in prior days.  And rounding out the top three major blessings is the great country we live in, with all of it's challenges still the best place on earth.  We hope you had a wonderful day and that we all can live in thanksgiving daily.
 Roses from our little rose garden.
 The Turkeys.
 Melody's Magnificent Rolls.
 The place setting, including special china, utensils, and a guest turkey - made entirely of butter.
 Great sides: green beans, sweet potatoes and stuffing.
The Pies! Chocolate Pecan, Dutch Apple, Blackberry, and Pumpkin.
 The gang in action.

 Mom with half of her kids.
 More of the guests.
And one with the photographer and Chelsea.
What a fun day.

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