Sunday, November 9, 2014

Quick Update

We had a delightful time tending Chelsea for a few days this past week.  But we also have been busy getting some of the odd projects done.  Here's a brief photo essay.
This first set is of the little performer with her "cane".  It is a cute little shoehorn I bought at IKEA.

 It is coming along, but we still have a lot of base board to install.
 This is the acquisition we made at IKEA.
A nice table for the entry way, with places to deposit shoes.
And, of course, cool shoe horns that double as canes.
 We also now have our gas insert fireplace in place.  Man is it warm.
We also began to clear out the garage so I could uncover the elliptical and get back to exercising.
In addition to this, we have been doing the stuff Peter O. prescribed for us.
I am assuming that this kind of pain is better than the kind that will follow in a few years if we don´t.
We are actually happy to be getting back to getting in shape.

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