Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fun times in Indiana

It's been pretty much non-stop fun since we got here, with lots of nap time for grandpa yesterday after a long day of travel on Monday. I thought I would sleep on the plane like I usually do, but it didn't happen.  We arrived just after midnight here, but that was only 9 pm on the west coast.
 A beautiful Indiana Sunset.
The weather has been perfect so far, nice and sunny and cool.
 I guess you can't tell well from this, but the leaves are just beginning to turn.
Stay tuned for more later in the week.
Lots of corn fields!
Today we went to an apple farm south of Greenwood where there was a lot to do, and some good eats. For our snack I got a real apple frittier - it put to shame those things we get out in CA at the donut shop. We brought home a dutch apple pie, some apple dumplings, and apple cider. Here are the photos of what we did.
 Beautiful Fall leaves reflected in the pond.
 Great looking chicken coop! 
This one looks like the one Peter & I built, but more compact.
 In the petting zoo there was this series of ramps and landings that went up
to the roof of the pony's shed, and then on up to two more landings.
Can't figure out what it is for.  Let me know if you have any ideas.
There was a gigantic pumpkin patch, and it seemed very sincere.
There were warty pumpkins.
 Green pumpkins.
 White pumpkins.
 And this pink pumpkin.
 With the goats in the petting zoo.
 And the alpacas.
 Swings in the barn playground.
 The end of a gigantic slide made out of drainage pipe.
It came out of the upper story of the barn 
and took a rather hard turn at the point where it met the ground.
K went down it once and said she hurt her back and would not go again.
B on the other hand went numerous times.
  Large, round bales of hay.
 A nice island in the pond.
 A little waterfall.
 Escapee from the pumpkin patch.
Cute little cowgirl on her pony, Angel.

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