Wednesday, October 14, 2015


In the process of flying to Indiana, we passed through LA. We didn't have to deplane, so that was nice, and we got some pretty good photos of the metropolitan area. Here are some interesting ones.
 Folsom Reservior - Poster Child for the Drought.
We saw plenty of others flying south along the Sierra Nevada, all about the same.
 The LA Temple, just east of I-405.
 LA in the foreground, and the San Fernando Valley up toward the top.
 Landing at LAX.
 The pilot said it was 90 degrees and cloudy - glad we didn't have to get out.
 Flying out over the ocean I did see some whales.
I saw them first under the water, then saw them come up for air.
In this photo you can see something under the water behind that boat,
but it must be pretty big, a whale or whales.
 You can see another something just under the water just off the point of that red thing on the wing.
By now we were really high, so whatever it is is mighty big.
 Sunshine on I-5 and Glendale.
Looks a lot better up here.

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