Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Corn Corn Corn Corn Corn"

You may recognize this quote from one of our favorite movies. And most of my favorite parts of the movie center around the garden. We were talking about our love of gardening the other day and I decided that in reality the resident Angel loves to garden - I just love to dig in the dirt. And under the proper supervision I do fine.

So the last two nights we have feasted on great food, the centerpiece of which was corn on the cob! Yes, corn on the cob in February. Cool, huh. That's because my sweet wife froze some of our marvelous corn crop last year. It was pretty easy to do, and tasted just as good, and actually juicier, than last Summer when it was fresh.

So those of you who can, get out there and dig in the dirt! And those of your who need proper supervision, get an expert to help you (there is probably one close by). And you too can have corn corn corn corn corn. (as opposed to just having a corny relative)

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