Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Moving Experience

Today we helped James & Sabrina move into their new house. It was a great day. David and Adam were there to help, along with a couple from their ward. There really wasn't much to do, just the big stuff. And unlike some moving jobs, that really was all there was. They had already moved just about all of the little stuff. I just stood around eating chocolate pop 'ems and Donann's chocolate chip cookies.

They have done a great job of fixing it up and painting the interior. The purple is all gone and it is clean, clean, clean. The grass is short in the front and the weeds are even shorter in the back. We made a good start on the weeds in the garden in the front, and even started in on the ants. Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera today so we don't have a visual record for you. But next time we're there we'll take some photos. I can't wait for James to finish painting the bamboo room; I think that is going to turn out great.

This last couple of weeks has really been a lot of fun. We have gotten to be with James & Sabrina lot, and that has been a pleasure. And I have had the pleasure of doing what I like best - using my "yard weapons" to implement destruction on grass and weeds alike. And we have had the best weather for doing this. Every time I have been down there working in their yard it has been cool and cloudy. And I sleep well at night. G'bye folks.

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