Sunday, February 22, 2009

President Uchtdorf: Tough!

Today was stake conference for all of northern CA, from San Luis Obispo & Fresno north to the Oregon border. It was great, with Brother Merrill (SS Genl. Pres.), Elder Wickman, Elder Ballard, and President Uchtdorf. I love to listen to Elder Wickman, he is one of my favorites. Most of his talk was about establishing Zion in CA, and was an excellent confirmation of what we had heard about this subject the previous evening from our own stake president. Elder Ballard's talk was all about faith, choices and hope. That is, as we make our choices using faith in God, we recieve hope. A great concept. But President Uchtdorf's remarks stuck with me the most, and the one-liner that he used that really got my attention was:

"Tough times never last, but tough people do."

Actually, most of his talk was on testimony, and on likening the times in Kirtland to ourselves, how we can use our testimony (revelation really) to overcome tribulation so that we do not end up like those who apostatized, but like those who went into the wilderness to save the Church.

All in all a great conference, and a further witness that we are lead by inspired men and revelation.

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