Thursday, January 30, 2014

Now you see it - now you don't

So here is the latest on our remodel project:  We got a call yesterday that the bathroom vanity is ready for installation, so we scheduled it for tomorrow afternoon.  Which means that we had to get the old one cleared out today.  Here are some before and during photos . . . the after photos will have to wait for awhile.  After the cabinets are in the guy doing the top will come and measure one last time before making the top and installing it.  Then I'll be putting in the fixtures and attaching them to the plumbing.  In addition, we plan on taking the mirror in to be cut into two pieces so we can mount a piece over each sink.  Then we plan on re-doing the lighting so that we have light bars directly over each mirror and no overhead lighting.
Lots of work ahead.  Stay tuned.

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