Thursday, January 30, 2014

Warming up to our work

Last week we worked on our fireplace replacement project.  We still have a considerable way to go, but we are making progress - as seen below.  We are experiencing some sticker shock as we price gas insert fireplaces, but still feel that that is the way to go.  In the long run we think it will be the most cost efficient, as well as energy efficient, way to go.  So we are swallowing hard and movin' on.
Although you probably can't see it in the photos, as we are getting ready to resurface the face of this wall we are finding some anomolies that will need to be dealt with.  Nothing really serious, its just that none of the surfaces are at the same point.  Some are out and some are in, but that is always the way it is with remodel projects.  You never really know what you are going to find until you do the demo.  Our plan is to replace all of the faux rock face with a different look.  We are pretty sure what it will be, but have not actually ordered it yet.  We also want to put another bookshelf on the right side of the fireplace so that there is some symmetry to the look.  Hopefully when we get that other side stripped we will still have that option open to us.

On a separate note, one of our goals is to reduce costs as much as possible by doing whatever work we can ourselves.  This means doing all of the demo work "in-house".  A related goal is to complete all of the work with all of my appendages intact, with a minimal loss of blood, and with no visits to that place where they ask if you have a DNR on file.  I must say that I was doing pretty well, especially considering some of the fun tools I get to use.  But today my winning streak came to an end as I really mashed the old thumb.  Aside from having to use a band-aid for a few days though, I think we're going to be fine.

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