Monday, September 1, 2014

And Finally . . . . . The Cabinets!

I hope you all went back to the first post I published this morning - 7 posts ago - and followed them through in order.  This is the last one.  Last Friday they installed the cabinets and they are just as wonderful as we hoped and planned they would be.  The color is perfect and all the space will be a great blessing.  And there is so much flat space to work on with the island.  It is, as we intended, massive.  It is hard to imagine just how big the kitchen is just by looking at photos, but give your imagination a whirl.  Then come see us sometime after the end of September to see the finished product after the flooring is in.
 The view from the family room, SW to NE.
 The north wall from the west, showing room for the dish washer, sink and much storage.
 Same view from the east, showing the fridge, and all the storage.
 Nice little fold out "pockets" in front of the sink to hide cleaning pads, etc.
 To the right of the sink there are divided drawers that pull out all the way, as well as a nice bread board.
 The east and south walls from the west.
 A little closer shot.
 As seen from the fridge.  This is where the double ovens will go, surrounded by lots of storage space.
 And this is where the gas cooktop will go, with a venting microwave above it.
 And some counter space to the right, between the cooktop and the ovens.
 And here is our favorite pull out spice drawer, with - did I mention - lots of storage space.
 Deep drawers under the cooktop to keep the big pans. And notice that they also pull all the way out.
 A lazy susan with two shelves in the corner.
 The north side of the island.
 On the sink side of the island - pull out, hiding - trash containers.
 The south side of the island, by the ovens.  Notice that pesky yellow electrical cord.  We spent so much time trying to measure it just right and it still ended up out from under the island.
Under the island on the SW corner - and example of the slide out shelving so you don't have to dig back behind everything on your hands and knees.

And that's it for now folks.  As time permits we will post more when we have progress to report on the flooring, the paint, the fireplace, and the carpet.  Stay tuned.


  1. I love it! Thanks for posting! I know I have been a pest about it, but I have been so excited to see it. It looks amazing, you guys did a great job. I am excited to see it in person!

  2. It looks super! Can't wait to see it all in October!