Monday, September 1, 2014


One of the principal elements of the project is to insulate the living room ceiling so that all of our heat and cool doesn't escape through that thin layer between us and the roof in that room.  Especially in the Summer it gets really hot in that room, it having a southern exposure.  Then we also had to replace a bunch of insulation that was removed as other work was being done.  Fortunately we had a lot of help.
 A couple of "before" photos, looking up into the attic from the entry way.

 All done except the living room ceiling.  Starting to look good.
 And speaking of looking good . . . . . here is some of the help I had.  For working on this ceiling I rented a couple of pieces of scaffolding, one 3' and another 5'+. Peter is standing on the lower one, with the insulation bundle on the higher one.  This scaffolding beat using ladders all to pieces, and made hanging the sheetrock on this ceiling possible. It was worth every penny.

 And here is James on the high one putting up the insulation in the highest point of the ceiling.  In spite of what others might think, one gets the feeling that one is way up in the air standing up there.
 The finished product.  Aren't they good?  You can even see the sheetrock already on the ledge on the left.
 Here is a good shot of the living room ceiling, with the scaffolding in the foreground (bottom) of the photo.
Also, if you look closely you can see where we will hang the ceiling fan in the middle of the room.
 The entry way.
 The kitchen.  See how nicely the ceiling looks without part of it hanging down?
And finally, where the door used to be.  That Jerry Quist did a great job of forming this up.

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