Monday, September 1, 2014

Taping Texturing and Painting

With the arrival of the kitchen cabinets imminent, we had to hustle to get the wallboard ready.  We hired a guy to do the taping and texturing, and he was not as smitten with our sheetrock hanging as we were.  He offered, and we accepted, to finish the few places still needing wallboard, and then taped & textured, including putting on rounded (bullnose) corners.  We love that touch.  He did an excellent job, and it was completed in time for us to get the kitchen painted and get all of the sheathing replaced.  A bunch of it was worn or buckled with water, and a bunch of it had been cut out, so we just put down all new.  Oh yes, we also needed a different height for the wood we will put down later this month.
 A great job taping.  Notice he has a more reasonable sized scaffolding.  That ledge is looking good!
 Even the living room ceiling looks good - as does my little patch job.
 There is that beautiful door again.  The dining room is looking better than it has for ages.
 And there is the kitchen.  They even put wallboard around the under the sink plumbing and made it look as good as all the rest that would be seen.  Notice that you cannot even see where the old door was.
 The other side of the kitchen.  They were kind enough to allow us to leave the refrigerator in the room as long as we wrapped it up good. That was really nice.
 And here is the texturing.  That ledge is looking better all the time, especially with the bullnose finish.

 After the texturing was done we tore up the remaining old particle board and put down 1/2" chip board sheathing.  Except here under the sink where we put "rock board" that should not swell should it get wet.  It is the same thing we have under our tile in both bathrooms.
 A look at the kitchen with the new sheathing and a fresh coat of primer.
 The dining room with new sheathing, and primer.  It is really starting to look like home again.
 A couple of more photos of the dining room from a different angle.
It is nice to have that big glass door in the wall, at least during the daytime.  It really lets in the light, and that is all the light there is for now.

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