Monday, September 1, 2014

Sheet Rock

With the insulation in, we pressed ahead with all vigor in getting the sheetrock up.  We had a deadline to meet as the cabinets were to be delivered at the end of August.  James & Peter came over on a Saturday and James came back the following Monday and helped again.
 Remember this little wart on the west wall of the living room.  It seems that every day we are surprised at what we put up with for 23 years in this house.  Things we really didn't like but never took the time to fix.
This particular wart was caused by the fact that when the house was built, some 50 years ago, one of the ceiling joists from out in the garage stuck out just 1/2 inch from the wall in the living room.  And rather than sawing it off, the sheetrock guys just rocked over it.
 So as you can see in this photo, I cut around the sheetrock, discovered what the problem was, and cut off the offending piece of wood with my Dremmel multimax. (did I mention how many cool tools I have acquired for this project?)  Then I replaced the sheetrock. We are getting really good at sheetrock fixes.
Peter looking for action.
 James, using my Dremmel to make an even edge on the old sheetrock.
 Peter in action.
 We had a lot of fun that day, with lots of laughing.
 The kitchen with all the wallboard up.
 Not too bad of a job for a bunch of amateurs.
A close-up of our work around the whole house fan.

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